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Relaxation And Therapeutic Massage:

Using massage in a continuum of care approach. Swedish Massage Therapy techniques such as gliding strokes, kneading, compression, shaking and rocking; and more specific treatment tools, like trigger point or deep tissue massage, are utilized to help you find relief whether your goals are simple stress and pain relief or addressing more complex conditions.

Myofascial Release:

Slow and gentle application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions, reducing pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones and organs causing pain and dysfunction. This technique uses little or no oil to engage the fascia, which is the tough connective tissue enveloping the muscles and other structures in the body, from the superficial down to the deep levels. It is a profoundly therapeutic and relaxing treatment and is usually integrated into the massage

R & T Massage
M Massage

Jade Stone Massage:

A hot/cold stone treatment using nephrite jade stones, giving a gentle, relaxing, yet deeply cleansing and rejuvenating therapeutic treatment. This may be a 60 or 90 minute treatment, or if you would prefer, we could integrate some jade work into your regular massage treatment, to help increase circulation and reduce inflammation in specific areas.

JS Massage

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Manipulation)

Techniques using instruments made of steel are effective for increasing limited range of motion and are useful additions to treatment for a wide range of dysfunctions. By breaking down fascial restrictions and causing an increase of hydration and blood circulation, IASTM massage allow for a greater musculoskeletal balance and function.

IASTM Massage

Cupping Massage:

Cupping Massage brings the ancient art of cupping into the modern day massage practice.Using silicone cups, cupping massage allows for deeper work to remove fascial restrictions, increasing lubrication between layers of fascia, thus promoting increased range of motion and healing. Cupping is beneficial for plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, scar tissue release, boosting the immune system, increasing circulation, relieving digestive and menstrual discomfort, respiratory congestion and reducing high blood pressure. It has a sedating effect on the nervous system and can be integrated easily into any massage treatment.

Cupping Massage

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage:

Easing painful conditions caused by strains of pregnancy and it's after-effects, the prenatal massage is performed in sidelying or semirecumbent positions with special pillows to support the mother-to-be in a safe and comfortable way. Postpartum work utilizes the usual positioning with special consideration for lactating breasts, and the relief of sore muscles associated with caring for a new baby.

P & P Massage

Infant Massage Classes

Kathy is pleased to offer a four week series which combines sequential instruction of a full body massage routine that parents or other caregivers can give their baby, some theory and discussion on infant massage and related topics, and a unique opportunity for parents to have fun with their little ones while getting in some social time with other parents. Because of the intimate nature of this class, the size is limited to 6 babies and their parent(s). Classes may be delivered in your home or at the clinic, which offers ample space to support larger group gatherings.

Some of the benefits of Infant Massage are:

promotes bonding with baby

stimulates growth & development

relieves gas, colic & constipation

improves sleep patterns

increases levels of relaxing hormones and decreases stress hormones

stimulates lactation and reduces postnatal depression

encourages positive, healthy touch

Infant Massage Classes


30 minutes – $50

45 minutes – $65

60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $105

Jade Stone Massage – $85

*taxes not included

Corporate on-site or home visits can be arranged upon request

within city limits – $85
outside city limits – $100 (dependant on distance)

  • Payments accepted by cash, cheque or credit card 

  • Receipts will be issued for coverage by insurance providers.

  • Student rates available upon presentation of valid post-secondary student ID.

Gift certificates and packages are available.

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